Kelly Ghere
Financial Manager

I have always had a huge heart where animals are concerned. I guess I started rescuing on a small scale many years ago and it just kept growing.  One day a stray cat wandered up on the porch during the winter.  I held off a couple of days but eventually Felix came in and never left.  A few days later he brought home a friend and so it began . . . . .

Anita Daniel

For as long as I can remember I have had an animal, at age 11 I did a 4-H project on dog training and that started 50 year hobby of training and showing dogs.
After becoming disabled and not able to show my dogs or work a 40 hour job anymore, I began volunteering at the Emporia Animal Shelter a few hours a week, 5 years ago.
Working with the scared dogs and socializing them, so they would be more adoptable, is what I really enjoy. Fostering is another important part of volunteering and of all the fostered I have had only 2 have ended up foster failures.

Michelle Williams
Social Services

I think I socialized my first community cat at age 12.  I’d like to say that it was all downhill from there, but at that age I didn’t really understand animal rescue yet.  I got older, I got more educated on the needs of homeless animals – and learned that animals and people in need – are my passion. I knew I could make a difference in my community and began volunteering when I was able as well.  I started with assisting a photographer in taking the shelter animals pictures, then I was a “cat volunteer” but, I also assisted in getting animals into rescue, and now being on the board has allowed me to expand the ways I help our community and the animals here that need us.

Deb Ghere
Human Resources

“Until they all have a home!”  Animals are my passion and my furry family are rescues.  In 2013 I heard the shelter needed volunteers. I showed up one weekend to help out & loved it. I also help the shelter and PurralotKitty Rescue find & transport to no-kill rescues in other towns/states for those that aren’t adopted locally.


Connie Coleman
K-5 Instructional Strategist

I grew up on a farm and raised animals for 4-H so I’ve always had animals and loved helping them.  In October of 2013, I saw that the Humane Society was asking for volunteers at the Emporia Animal Shelter and I’ve been volunteering on weekends there ever since.  I also have three rescue dogs and one rescue cat at my house.  It’s what I love to do!

Tracy Orender
Certified Outpatient Coder

I really don’t have a story to tell. I have always had a love for animals. I decided one day to look into volunteering at the shelter. Started volunteering and have loved every minute of it.

Connie Lewis
Small Business Owner

I have always loved animals! My cat, Max, was an abused cat that I adopted from the shelter! He had a severe separation disorder when I got him, and he cried for hours on end! I would put him on my lap for hours and just sit and hold him! I have had him for 3 years now, and has since gotten him a twin brother named Rocko! They are bff’s! I was a casa volunteer for 13 years, and decided that since there weren’t many agencies that help shelter pets, I decided to start volunteering at the Shelter! The furbabies are definitely my therapy!

Blaise Plummer

Sharol Cutrell
IT Consultant

When my daughter told me that my next dog would be “the dog that needs you,” I knew that I needed to do more for the animals in the community.  I looked at our animals, three dogs (all of whom are breeds I used to say I didn’t want) — all rescues, and our two cats, both rescues and determined that I can’t adopt them all, but maybe I can make a difference through FEAS.

Rand Simmons

I started volunteering at the shelter after the death of Nancy, our family’s German Shepherd. Nancy came to us as a stray, so sick and starving the vet did not expect her to live. She took some time to recover, had some anxiety and fear-aggression issues, but became a much loved part of our family for 8 years. Our other dog, a terrier-mix, Naisey, came to us from the Dodge City animal shelter when our kids were little. Naisey is now about 19 years old and still with us!