About the shelter:

Last year the Emporia Animal Shelter became a temporary home to approximately 1,300 animals.

Of these animals

  • 450 were adopted
  • 400 were transferred to other rescues
  • 350 were reclaimed by owners.

With each year we set a new record of intakes along with increasing numbers of adoptions and transfers to rescue.

Shelter staff and volunteers work tirelessly to partner with rescue programs from around the region. Many animals are transferred to no-kill rescues in other cities and states where forever homes are available, but we need help to make this happen.

So, who are FEAS (Friends of the Emporia Animal Shelter)?

Friends of the Emporia Animal Shelter was formed in 2013 to improve the lives and welfare of shelter and community animals. We are a group of big hearted, hardworking individuals that just love animals and want the best for them. We help those that might not get the medical care they need or might not find that warm and loving forever home they so deserve.
FEAS pays almost all medical costs at the shelter and all donations to specialty, no-kill rescues that take those that need extra help and probably would not get adopted. We also have donated items that make the dogs, cats, and whoever else’s, stay at the shelter more comfortable such as raised Kuranda beds or supply them toys such as scratch posts and kongs to stimulate activity and help pass the time. We helped pay for the awnings over the dog runs and upgraded the ventilation system in the shelter to help control the spread of airborne disease.
We have donated animal oxygen masks to the fire department and children’s animal books to the Library. FEAS does microchipping events in case someone’s pet gets lost and have been testing a TNR program to spay, neuter and vaccinate feral and community cats. We socialize animals, clean cages, transport to rescues, foster, adopt, educate and just love all the animals that we can. We welcome anyone that wants to join us and help in any or all areas. We will continue to do all we can for as long as we can because every animal deserves to be loved.

Your donation will help to insure all of our animals are well cared for, receive the medical care they need, and increase the probability of finding  them forever homes.

To see pictures and information about adoptable pets go to www.petfinder.com