Community Projects and Donations

Friends of the Emporia Animal Shelter provide materials and time to the shelter and local rescues and organizations.

2017 Great American Market

Friends of the Shelter had a booth at the Great American Market.  We distributed literature about how to help animals in the community and talked to lots of concerned, friendly people.

2016 Christmas Parade

Friends of the Shelter and other volunteers accompanied several dogs from the shelter in the 2016 Christmas parade on November 29, 2016.

October Adoption Events
Hosted by the Humane Society of the Flint Hills

FEAS board members took dogs to two adoption events at Bluestem Farm and Ranch Supply on September 24 and October 22, and on October 20 we took dogs from the shelter to the project event hosted by the FFA in Olpe.  The FFA raised money and collected items for the shelter and asked that we share some of the shelter dogs with the people there.

The events were incredibly successful with numerous adoptions stimulated by the dogs who where there.


These pictures are from the first event at Bluestem.

These photos are from the October 24th event at Bluestem: (Please click on the picture to see the whole image)

These pictures are from the event in Olpe (Please click on the picture to see the whole image).


This year has started fast for the Friends of the Emporia Animal Shelter.

We purchased a series of books published by the Humane Society of the United States, The Pet Rescue Club book series, and donated them to the Emporia Public Library.  (The first two pictures below).

There is a demonstrated need for an incubator for orphaned kittens and puppies that come into the shelter, so after a great deal of research, FEAS purchased a desktop incubator this winter.  It is in use intermittently, and has proved to be a lifesaver for the little ones.

When the ventilation system needed refurbishing and cleaning in the early spring, FEAS paid for the work that included upgrading the exhaust system to help eliminate the transmission of respiratory disease in the shelter.  A nice by product of the work is the clearer, cleaner air throughout the shelter.

 Pet Rescue Club book series donated to the Emporia Public Library


The shelter needed an awning/roof over the runs on the south side of the building to provide shade and protection to the dogs during their exercise time.  FEAS provided funds for half of that awning structure.

FEAS also purchased oxygen mask kits to the Fire Department to carry in their trucks for the purpose of saving community pets during fire calls.



In 2014 FEAS donated Kuranda beds for both dogs and cats.  These are very high quality raised beds that keep the dog or cat off of the floor of the kennel or cage.  They are orthopedic in that they provide firm support that supports even very old dogs.

The organization also provided a number of Kong toys of different sizes.  These are helpful in providing activity for dogs.  By putting something (chew bone, peanut butter) inside the toy, the shelter workers can keep a bored dog occupied for hours.