Great trip out to the shelter this morning. The dog we worked with last week, Chandler, is no longer there (Which is good. We have a great shelter, but the less time that a dog or cat spends there, the better!). I do not know if Chandler was adopted or if he went to a rescue, but I am happy for him.

So we started off the morning playing with some puppies. Originally, five were brought into the shelter. By Sunday morning, only two were still there. And they were very cute. Nothing like playing with happy puppies to start off your day!

After that, we were able to walk with B.J. He was very excited to see us, so we had to wait a while for him to calm down. Once he did, we had a very nice walk. I was surprised how little he pulled and how well he walked with us.

Then we took Rocky out. Same kind of deal – he was pretty excited at first. So we waited until he stopped barking and sat quietly in his kennel so we could put the leash on him. Good walk with him also. He pulled just a bit more than B.J., but did very well for his first walk with us.

All of these animals are available at the Emporia Animal Shelter to see and possibly adopt. Please feel free to come out and see them.