It was a little bit cool and windy when we went to walk dogs at the Emporia Animal Shelter.

However, some good news made us feel good anyway. The shelter is at the lowest population of dogs and cats that I have ever seen. This is good news because no animal should spend any longer than necessary in the shelter and we have more time to work with the animals that are still there. Everybody wins.

We took Rocky for a walk again yesterday. He has the most soulful eyes of any dog that I can remember. It was a good walk. Rocky has quite a smell drive. He is well behaved on cement, but on grass, it is harder for him not to get excited and go.

We also took Tosha on a walk. Tosha reminds me of the dog in the Target commercials. We did not get to sit with her and calm her down because she was already outside when we got her, so she was pretty revved up. She still did fairly well, but she was intent on going and was not paying much attention to the lead. That said, she is a sweet dog and I think she will quickly improve when she begins to understand what we are shooting for.

Please come on out to the Emporia Animal Shelter and see the dogs (and cats). They enjoy the company! And they may be available for adoption.