It was kind of an unusual day at the shelter this morning.

My son and I go out nearly every Sunday morning to walk dogs. We usually wait in front of the kennel until the dog we are walking has calmed down. This means no barking and sitting in the kennel waiting for us to put the lead on.

Yesterday, we went to walk Rocky, like we did last week. However, the shelter personnel were taking Rocky outside while they cleaned his kennel and fed him. So we took him off their hands. No chance to relax, but we did a walk down 6th street and Rocky did pretty well anyway.

Then we went to get Rory. Rory is an attractive and healthy looking dog. We were told that he is hyperactive. I am not sure that is the case. It did take quite a long time for him to calm down while in his kennel so that we could get him out. But I think he may have an extraordinary sense of hearing. He would get most of the way to calmed down and then he would hear different things from back in the shelter (over the wall) that would get him going again. Things like someone opening the door or another dog, two rows over, barking.

At any rate, we waited Rory out. When he finally calmed down, we went for a really nice, loose-leash walk. One of the guys working at the shelter told us that while Rory is pretty excitable in his cage, he is always really pleasant on walks. After our walk, I believe it.

Both of these dogs are available to see and possibly adopt at the Emporia Animal Shelter. Feel free to come out and visit.