March 12, 2017   

After a hiatus due to a sore back, my son and I were back out at the shelter to walk dogs yesterday morning.

We were able to take a chocolate lab named Ben out for a walk first. He is a big, strong dog, but was extremely well-behaved and we had a nice walk with him. His chain was loose the whole time.
Afterwards, we took Roby out for a walk. It was not our first time with Roby and he was also well-behaved. Roby is the dog on the left.
Finally, although we did not get an opportunity to walk her yesterday, we met a sweet pitt bull mix named Scarlett. We plan to take her out next week, possibly at the same time as Ben and Roby.
All of these animals are available at the Emporia Animal Shelter to see and possibly adopt. Come on out and see them.