Cool and rainy this morning, but pleasant walks nonetheless.

First up this morning, we took Scarlett and Rocky together. I have had some very pleasant walks with Rocky in the past, but he was a little more excitable this morning. Initially, we thought that it was the walking with Scarlett. But when we introduced them, they sniffed each other for about 10 seconds and then basically ignored each other. We will take him out by himself next week.
Then we took out a sweet little female named Jazzy. Her picture is to the left. She was very excited in her kennel. She was almost like a pinball. It took her a while to slow down and we never did get her to sit like we usually do. But when we got her out of the kennel and left the shelter, she transformed before our eyes into a completely different dog. She was sweet, she paid really good attention to us. She walked right beside us with a loose chain. I think she has the potential to be a really fantastic dog for someone.
All of these dogs are available at the Emporia Animal Shelter. Come out and see them