Beautiful weather for walking dogs this morning. I did not even need a jacket.
First we took Rocky out for a walk. Initially, he pulled on the leash bit, but by the time we were halfway into his walk, he had settled down and we had a nice walk with a loose chain. That was until we got close to the Shelter again and saw some other dogs. Then he got excited again. Overall, a pleasant experience.
Then we got to take Ms. Jazzy out. We sat with her for about 10 minutes before we went to give her a chance to calm down and then we had a nice walk. She pulled a bit, but mostly it was a pleasant time. Every dog seems enjoy walks to some extent, but Ms. Jazzy exudes happiness when she is walking.
Finally, Ms. Scarlett was adopted last week, so we met a new young male dog named Banks. I am including a picture of him. It is our understanding that he had not been walked much, which explains why he was not sure about putting the leash on. But once we got outside, he was a sweetheart. He walked right beside us, with a loose chain and paid a lot of attention to what we were doing. I look forward to seeing if he is as easy and pleasant to walk next week.
If you have a moment, feel free to come by the Shelter and visit these guys. They may also be available for adoption.