On a gorgeous Sunday morning, my son and I went out to the Emporia Animal Shelter for our weekend tradition – walking shelter dogs.

We started with Scarlett. She is learning to sit before we take her out of the kennel and she is getting much better at it. We only had to wait 3-4 minutes. Once out, we had a fairly nice walk. I only qualify that because Scarlett is a high energy dog – if she had her way, we would have run the whole way! She pulled a bit, but she was not obnoxious about it, only excited about moving forward. I hope that Scarlett finds an adoptive home that gives her the opportunity to chase frisbees and chase rabbits and otherwise get lots of exercise.
Then we sat down with Jazzy, prior to taking her out for a walk. After she calmed down a bit, we went for a nice walk with her also. She is a sweet dog who has had a rough journey to this point. I hope she also finds a good home.
Please feel free to come visit these animals at the Emporia Animal Shelter. They and many others are available to see and possibly adopt.