For the past two weeks, we have taken our two new little dogs out to walk with shelter dogs. It has gone really well.

This morning we took Jazzy and BJ on a nice long walk. Once we got out the door of the shelter, we reintroduced Jazzy and our dogs. They had met each other last week and it was a positive situation this week too. Jazzy settled right down and she had a great walk.

We also took B.J. out to walk. We first introduced B.J. to the pack. He seemed okay with the other dogs, but was still fairly excitable. Took us about a block to figure out why. Once he used the bathroom in a rather impressive display, he also settled down and we had a really nice walk with all four of the dogs.

I have a dream that one day we will find out how all the dogs at the shelter act with a daily two mile walk under their belt. Jazzy and B.J. are very calm and pleasant on walks.

I would also note that Jazzy has really relaxed about when we take her out of the kennel and put her back in. If I did not already have three dogs, I would be thinking about adopting her myself…

Both of these dogs are available to see and possibly adopt. Please feel free to come out and visit them.